Ian Lamb


On December 23, 2017 I proposed to my wife Kat. We wanted a small wedding, but being a web developer meant having a nice website for the event was obligatory... so I got to work. This is probably one of my favourite projects from a design and aesthetics perspective.

RSVP System

The most technically interesting part of the site is the RSVP system. Since I have several non-technically-inclined folks in my family (including my parents) it was specially designed to be hyper intuitive and user-friendly.

Essentially I have created a dataset of all of the guests we were inviting to the wedding. An email invite blast was sent based off that list of guests and each email contains a special URL that takes them to the wedding site and automatically opens and pre-fills the RSVP form. All the user has to do is respond yes or no to attending and whether they're bringing a plus one. Once they confirm their response, the dataset gets updated and after a week or two, I know who to chase down for responses.

Screenshot of RSVP form

Was this over-engineered for a small wedding? Absolutely. Worth it? 100%.

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